A Broken mySQL Table was Cause of High Server LoadIf you host your site(s) with Cybersalt, you didn't notice this - but we did!

Late yesterday afternoon, we began to receive automatic emails alerting us to an unusual increase in the load on our server. While all sites remained up and online, we immediately began to investigate in order to discover the source of the issue. Some possibilities we looked as were a DOS (Denial of Service) attack on one of our clients, a service that had glitched and needed to be restarted, or maybe even the viral online success of one of the sites we host.

We worked throughout the night trying to find the cause before things grew to a problematic level. After ruling out all the most common suspects we started thinking and looking outside the box for the unusual. We could see the database server was working 10 times harder than usual so we began review to the condition of the databases in each client's accounts.

We soon noticed that a table in one of those databases contained one line, but had 12 megabytes of "overhead." That should not be. We proceeded to run a repair utility on that table and immediately the server load dropped back to normal levels. The accompanying chart from our server monitoring software shows the moment of joy!

We are proud of the quality of service we include in our management packages. Too many people have their business' or organization's website hosted with a company whose support philosophy is, "How can we figure out what you have done wrong?" instead of, what can we do to have/get things the way you deserve and require for success. 

By running our own dedicated servers we are able to access the full range of tools and settings that are required to provide the stable hosting you deserve, especially when the time comes to solve an issue for you, our clients.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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