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Let's look at how to manage Joomla user sessions via Joomla's built in cron feature. Also, here is the link to the

Watch Me Work Live Stream #250

Give Away ►

  • The video celebrates the 250th Watch Me Work live stream, focusing on Joomla tutorials and tips for site building and maintenance.
    - The presenter offers services for Joomla site building, maintenance, and migration, inviting potential clients to reach out for hiring discussions.
    - The video discusses managing sessions in Joomla using the built-in Cron feature in Joomla 5, highlighting its importance in site performance and user experience.
    - A giveaway of $250 is announced, with prizes of $50, $75, and $125, and the process for participation is outlined.
    - The presenter also shares personal anecdotes, technical insights, and engages with the audience, demonstrating features, and making adjustments in real-time during the live stream.

Watch Me Work Livestreams 250

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