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From time to time you may need to remove or uninstall Joomla from your web hosting. In total, this Watch Me Work Live Stream shows 3 different examples of how to uninstall or remove Joomla.


- Livestream title: "(2) How to Remove or Uninstall a Joomla Site - 👀 Watch Me Work Live Stream 020 - YouTube"
- Livestream discusses the process of removing a Joomla site.
- Emphasis on the importance of backing up the site before removal.
- Mention of a failed project called CC cleaner, which was developed for YouTube closed captions but didn't succeed.
- Demonstrates the use of Akeeba Backup for Joomla site backup.
- Advice on saving essential content, code, and graphics before deletion.
- Tribute to a friend who worked on the project but passed away.
- Demonstrates steps to delete files from the public HTML folder.
- Shows how to delete the database and user associated with the Joomla site.
- Notes on additional considerations, such as cron jobs, domain redirection, and the possibility of using the domain elsewhere.
- Reflection on the importance of overcoming attachment to failed projects for personal growth.

Watch Me Work Livestreams 020


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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