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In this video we check out ochResponsiveImages. It "tunes" the images on your site for best performance and Google's page speed ranking?

- Video title: "(1) Checking Out ochResponsiveImages for Joomla - 👀 Watch Me Work 081 - YouTube"
- Transcript summary:
- Introduction by Tim Davis on ochResponsiveImages from och Online Community Hub.
- Video sponsored by, offering free site audits for Joomla and WordPress sites.
- Discussion about client Peter from and his interest in the och responsive images extension.
- Mention of a new pop-up feature added by Rude (och firewall developer).
- Tim's excitement to check out the pop-up feature live during the stream.
- Tim downloads och responsive images, a paid extension, and starts exploring its features.
- Explanation of how the extension automatically creates different versions of images for optimal display on various devices.
- Features like excluding images, specifying components, minimum image size, lazy loading, and converting images to WebP format discussed.
- Breakpoints feature allows creating images for different screen widths.
- Advanced settings include cache management, image quality configuration, force recreation, and debug info.
- Tim demonstrates the installation process and explores the plugin's configuration options.
- Testing the extension with a large image and inspecting the generated HTML and source set for responsive images.
- Tim plans to check the page's performance using GTmetrix to assess image optimization.
- The video ends with Tim waiting for the GTmetrix analysis to complete.



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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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