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In this live stream we check out a bunch of the free extensions from Web357.



  • The video is a live stream titled "Free Joomla Extensions Picnic from Web357 - πŸ‘€ WMW 181 - YouTube."
    - The host is Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, and he's discussing various Joomla extensions.
    - Tim mentions that he's been away for a couple of weeks and is catching up with some Joomla-related content.
    - He promotes a site audit service for Joomla websites at and offers a coupon code for the first month free using "basic Joomla."
    - Tim discusses using Joomla extensions from web357 and mentions Janis Crystalulu as one of his favorite Joomla developers.
    - He demonstrates the installation and usage of the "Fixed HTML Toolbar Free" extension, showcasing its features and settings.
    - Tim encounters an issue with the extension's positioning and resolves it by changing the module position.
    - He briefly mentions the possibility of adding custom HTML to the toolbar.
    - Tim then proceeds to install and demonstrate the "Countdown Free" extension, which displays a countdown timer for a specified date and time.
    - He showcases the extension's settings, including text customization.
    - Tim explores the extension's behavior when the date and time are manipulated.
    - Finally, he mentions "Fix The Smell Countdown Redirect Free" as another extension but doesn't delve into its details.



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