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I am now using Chat GPT to create sample content when testing layouts on Joomla sites. I like it far better than the traditional Lorem Ipsum text that has been used so much up to now.


 - Title: "Goodbye Lorem Ipsum, Hello ChatGPT for Sample Content in Joomla - 🛠 MM #249 - YouTube"
- Tim Davis introduces ChatGPT as an alternative to Lorem Ipsum for creating sample content in Joomla.
- He mentions that using ChatGPT, you can generate meaningful text instead of random Latin words.
- ChatGPT is an AI tool that can create articles on various topics, such as "the best five ways to care for a house cat."
- Tim demonstrates how to use ChatGPT to generate sample text for Joomla articles.
- He emphasizes that ChatGPT's generated content is more useful and less distracting than Lorem Ipsum, as it doesn't trigger spell check errors.
- Tim also shows a fun example of asking ChatGPT to write an article in pirate talk for amusement.
- He concludes by encouraging viewers to explore the capabilities of ChatGPT for their Joomla sites.

Monday Maintenance 249


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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