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Whether working on Joomla sites is your full time business or a side hustle, knowing what to charge for working on client websites may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar territory. Even if you are very comfortable and experienced in business it may have been a while since you reviewed your pricing structures and practices.

In this live stream we took a looked at Victor Santoyo's article "How to Create a Website Maintenance Plan & Contract" at It's a really great article that raises many key things to consider when setting prices in your web design or internet consulting business.

A big thanks to Nicky Veitch who shared this on her Twitter Feed.

You can follow Victor on twitter at


  • The video is about creating website maintenance plans and contracts.
    - The presenter, Tim Davis, mentions his background and how he's working on developing maintenance plans for clients.
    - He talks about an article by Nicki White on website security.
    - Tim plans to discuss the article and invites viewers to join a Zoom call.
    - He shares the link to Nicki White's Twitter account and mentions her involvement in Joomla.
    - The video discusses challenges in convincing clients of the value of maintenance plans.
    - The transcript touches on the importance of pricing maintenance plans correctly.
    - It lists items web professionals may forget to charge for, including expediting jobs, custom software subscriptions, media storage, commission fees, and miscellaneous expenses.
    - The discussion delves into the significance of tracking time spent on tasks and charging accordingly.
    - Tim and his audience discuss the benefits of offering maintenance plans, charging by the minute, and setting minimum time for ad hoc requests.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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