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If you have more than one Joomla article in the wrong category or you want to move more than one to a different category when you are reorganizing your site, move them with the batch feature in the articles manager. How to move Joomla articles to a different category is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.


 - Video tutorial about batch moving Joomla articles
- Hosted by Tim Davis, Joomla enthusiast
- Title: "How to Batch Move Joomla Articles 🛠 Maintenance Monday Live Stream #075 - YouTube"
- Tim Davis discusses moving Joomla articles between categories
- Explains issues on a client's site where articles are not showing properly
- Offers basic method for batch moving articles
- Demonstrates selecting articles to move and specifying target category
- Introduces advanced method using Regular Labs extension for complex moves
- Mentions upcoming "Watch Me Work Live Stream" on Twitch for advanced method
- Invites viewers to enter a giveaway on
- Shares about membership prize in the giveaway
- Provides a brief introduction to the topic using a specific website as an example
- Explains the problem of articles not showing up in the correct category
- Describes the process of batch moving articles step by step
- Shows how to select articles, choose the "batch move" option, and specify target category
- Discusses the challenges of manually processing a large number of articles
- Teases the advanced method using Regular Labs DB Replacer
- Promotes upcoming live stream on Twitch for the advanced method demonstration
- Provides instructions on how to ask questions on Twitch due to a delay
- Encourages subscription, comments, and engagement with the channel
- Shares personal update about wife traveling and visiting Tim Hortons
- Mentions contacting someone in the local area who works on Joomla sites
- Briefly discusses the amount of snow in the area
- Discusses a Google Assistant story involving a child's interaction
- Shares weather information provided by Alexa about current snowfall and windchill
- Recalls past experiences with extreme cold weather in Ontario
- Engages in casual conversation with the audience about weather
- Ends with a question about what everyone is working on

Monday Maintenance 075


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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