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In this issue of Maintenance Monday, we look at making sure #Gzip is turned on in your #Joomla site.



- Title: "(1) Use Gzip Compression Whenever Possible - Use Gzip in Joomla đŸ› Maintenance Monday Live Stream #002 - - YouTube"
- Tim Davis, Joomla enthusiast, hosts Maintenance Monday Live Stream #002.
- Apologizes for technical issues in previous streams and encourages subscription for updates.
- Announces monthly giveaway on for a one-year membership.
- Discusses a recommendation from Phil Taylor's site to use Gzip compression for Joomla sites.
- Describes Gzip compression as a format for HTTP compression, enhancing web content transfer speed.
- Shows backend of a Basic Joomla site and explains how to enable Gzip compression in server settings.
- Advises backing up Joomla site before enabling Gzip and warns about potential issues with server configurations.
- Highlights personal usage of Gzip for all accounts on his server.
- Emphasizes importance of Gzip compression for faster website performance.
- Concludes with a mention of the video thumbnail featuring a real dirty hardhat turning snow white when worn.
- Thanks viewers and encourages enjoyment of Joomla sites.

Monday Maintenance 002


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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