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If you are frustrated trying to get put iFrames in your Joomla articles (or other places) you may have missed one of the settings that blocks iFrames from being allowed. In this live stream we will look at one "sneaky" place with a setting you may not have set. We'll also talk about why there are different places in Joomla that block/allow iFrames. Here are some links mentioned in this stream: Duplicate Usernames in Joomla ►



  • Video discussing sneaky iFrame blocking settings in Joomla
    - Transcript includes an introduction and explanation of the topic
    - Mention of a viewer's frustration with YouTube not working on a Joomla hosted site
    - Explanation of Joomla's security settings and how they work
    - Discussion of how different extensions (like JCE Editor) have their own security settings
    - Comparison to apartment building security for better understanding
    - Explanation of the dangers of using iframes on a Joomla site
    - Importance of securing the site and understanding security levels
    - Demonstration of accessing security settings in Joomla's admin panel
    - Explanation of text filters and blacklisting/whitelisting iframes
    - Tips on configuring iframes based on user roles
    - Reminder to subscribe, ring the bell for notifications, and engage in discussions
    - Mention of the "Just Because" call and sharing the link on social media
    - Experience of pranks and disruption during a call
    - Plans to secure the call link distribution and announcement of upcoming newsletter
    - Sharing of a video link related to Joomla discussion with George Wilson

Monday Maintenance 132


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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