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Did you know you can "tweak" the Admin area CSS of extensions in your Joomla site! It comes in very handy if you need to make some UI (user interface) changes to help you work on your site.



  • Video focuses on tweaking CSS in Joomla admin area for extensions
    - Host: Tim Davis (Joomla fan)
    - Mention of sound issues at the beginning (edited out)
    - Introduction to working on Joomla site, specifically component CSS
    - Use of Element Inspector in Chrome to modify CSS
    - Demonstrates changing width and height of a scroll box for course selection
    - Emphasizes not changing extension's original CSS due to updates erasing changes
    - Shows how to create a custom CSS file within Joomla admin template (Isis)
    - Demonstrates copying and pasting CSS code for desired changes
    - Advises reaching out to extension developers for potential improvements
    - Shares personal story about mother's 80th birthday and ongoing work
    - Discussion about an online "death date" prediction tool (limited information)
    - Brief mention of Shaitan's app for Chrome
    - Viewer interaction and comments acknowledgment
    - Mention of Plane Crash Info website
    - Focus on improving user experience by adjusting CSS for better usability

Monday Maintenance 143


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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