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In this live stream, Sakis Terzis, of Blue Coder, introduces us to JFilters: a filtering solution for Joomla 4. It allows you to filter your content using Custom Fields, Categories and Tags.



- The video is titled "Intro to JFilters with Sakis Terzis of Blue Coder - Watch Me Work 142 - YouTube."
- The video features Tim Davis discussing JFilters with Sakis Terzis from Blue Coder.
- Sakis Terzis talks about his background and how he got involved with Joomla.
- They discuss the need for a filtering system on medium to large websites to improve user experience.
- Sakis demonstrates the JFilters extension, which helps with content filtering in Joomla.
- He explains that the extension indexes categories, custom fields, and tags for filtering.
- Sakis shows how to create a filtering model and assign it to specific pages.
- He demonstrates various filtering options, including checkboxes, radio buttons, and multi-select buttons.
- They discuss the advantages of using JFilters for content filtering and search optimization.
- Sakis mentions that JFilters allows for configuration and indexing customization.
- Tim Davis talks about his own experiences with Joomla and the challenges of content filtering on large websites.
- The video discusses creating custom fields and using subforms for improved filtering options.
- Sakis demonstrates how to customize category filtering to display subcategories only.
- The video concludes with further discussions about the usefulness of JFilters and future plans.

Please note that the transcript provided is lengthy and covers various topics discussed in the video.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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