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In this issue of Maintenance Monday we look at making sure the proper location is set for the tmp and log folders of your #joomla site.



  • Tim Davis introduces "Maintenance Monday" live streams for Joomla enthusiasts.
    - He encourages viewers to subscribe and ring the notification bell for updates.
    - Tim mentions using "" for Joomla site maintenance and learning.
    - There's a monthly contest to win a one-year membership for site maintenance on ""
    - Tim focuses on the location of the "Joomla Logs/tmp Folder," specifically addressing the use of "logs" (plural).
    - He provides instructions on changing the log folder location in Joomla's global configuration.
    - Tim mentions that Joomla will automatically create the "logs" folder but recommends creating it manually for safety.
    - He advises checking and possibly deleting the old "log" folder.
    - Tim also checks the "tmp" folder's location and spelling in Joomla's global configuration.
    - He concludes by encouraging viewers to enjoy their Joomla sites and subscribe for more Joomla-related content.

Monday Maintenance 001


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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