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JotCache Component is a great tool to speed up your Joomla site, but the record of expired pages in your database can really become bloated if you aren't manually flushing it when you work on your site. The good news is you can set up a cron job to delete that record of expired pages and decrease the amount of web hosting space your site uses - possibly even speeding up processing in your Joomla database.

How to set-up a cron job (cron.php) to automatically delete the record of expired pages in JotCache Component is the topic of this Maintenance Monday live stream. YouTube does not allow the pasting of code with "angled brackets" so it's not possible to paste the codes shared in the various parts of this video (including during the chat time afterwards.) If you would like a copy of them contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • The video is about setting up a cron job to clear expired cache records in JotCache for Joomla! websites.
    - The speaker introduces themselves as Tim Davis, a Joomla! fan, and the video is part of "Maintenance Monday" on the Basic Joomla Tutorials channel.
    - JotCache is a Joomla! cache component that creates cached versions of pages which expire over time.
    - Accumulated expired cache records can increase the website's database size.
    - The goal is to prevent the database from bloating by using a cron job to clean up expired cache records.
    - The speaker demonstrates how to find and install the JotCache component via Joomla's extensions manager.
    - There's a brief explanation of the convoluted process to find the appropriate version of JotCache from the developer's website.
    - Steps to set up the cron job involve copying the "cron" folder from the JotCache installation and moving it outside the public access directory.
    - The speaker shows how to edit the "cron.php" file within the copied folder to define the JPath base for the Joomla! site.
    - The viewer is reminded to adjust the JPath base according to their hosting account's file structure.
    - The process of naming the "cron" folder and adjusting the cron job command line is shown.
    - A sample command line is provided for running the "cron.php" file using PHP's interpreter.
    - The speaker demonstrates setting up a new cron job through cPanel's interface, scheduling it to run every quarter past the hour.
    - The video concludes by explaining how the cron job will regularly run the "cron.php" file to clean up expired cache records and prevent bloat.

Monday Maintenance 087


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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