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Have you ever wish you could use shortcuts to perform common actions when working in the back-end of your Joomla site? Well you can now with "Keyboard Shortcuts" from Regular Labs. How to find "Keyboard Shortcuts" (it's not in the Joomla Extension Directory yet) and use them is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.



  • Tim Davis presents a live stream about using "Keyboard Shortcuts" from Regular Labs for Joomla maintenance.
    - The video focuses on how these shortcuts can save time in maintaining Joomla websites.
    - Tim introduces himself as a Joomla fan and invites viewers to interact in the chat.
    - He talks about entering a giveaway contest.
    - He guides viewers on how to find and install the "Keyboard Shortcuts" extension using Regular Labs Extension Manager.
    - Tim demonstrates installing the extension and shares a pro tip about refreshing the page for full functionality.
    - The extension enables keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) in Joomla for quick access to various actions.
    - Different shortcuts like ctrl + S, shift alt + S, etc., are shown for actions like saving, saving and closing, saving and new, etc.
    - The pro version allows users to customize shortcuts and disable them for specific components.
    - Tim creates test articles to showcase the functionality of the shortcuts.
    - He discusses the potential learning curve in adapting to new shortcuts and the benefits of increased efficiency.
    - Tim mentions upcoming live streams and invites viewers to subscribe for more content.
    - Tim interacts with viewers on Zoom, discussing keyboard features and gaming-related topics.
    - The conversation briefly touches on radio shows and keyboard brands.
    - A viewer named Vinnie talks about his mechanical keyboard with programmable keys on the left.
    - Vinnie shares his experience with using programmable keys for gaming purposes.
    - The conversation shifts towards keyboard models, switches, and pricing.
    - Tim and Vinnie express their preferences for left-handed programmable keys for gaming.
    - The live stream is informative and interactive, focusing on the advantages of using keyboard shortcuts for Joomla maintenance.

Monday Maintenance 070


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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