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Let's take a first look at Child Templates in Joomla.


  • Child templates introduced in Joomla since version 4.1
  • Overview of WMW Live Stream #244 by Tim Davis
  • Sponsored by
  • Discussion on child templates and their benefits
  • Explanation of child templates as a single XML file
  • Changes in main template files to accommodate child templates
  • Media destination changes for templates
  • Use cases of child templates for easier maintenance
  • Instructions on creating child templates and making changes
  • Explanation of overrides versus child templates
  • Benefits of using child templates over overrides for customization
  • Example of customization using child templates
  • Possibility to export child templates
  • How to assign different child templates to a site
  • Clarification on overrides and their handling during updates
  • Importance of child templates for preserving customization
  • Example of template companies using custom overrides and the need for child templates for preservation


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