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In this live stream we took a first look at Monthly Archive Pro for Joomla. Some Key Timestamps (will be filled in after the live stream)


Here's a summarized version of the transcript in bullet points:

- The speaker, Tim Davis, discusses Joomla and a new extension called "Monthly Archive Pro" from web 357.
- Tim mentions his experience with Joomla and offers his services for website maintenance and migration.
- He promotes for site audits and Joomla management tools.
- Tim talks about a recent Windows update causing sound issues in his livestream.
- He shows off a Joomla-themed mug he won celebrating Joomla's 17th anniversary.
- Tim plans to review the "Monthly Archive Pro" extension and possibly share a Joomla training project.
- He discusses the extension's features, settings, and customization options.
- Tim encounters a 404 error related to SEF URLs and resolves it.
- He demonstrates the extension's functionality, including filtering options and search.
- Tim considers CSS styling to improve the display of articles.
- Tim creates a new module for James Snyder's archives and assigns it to specific pages and authors.

Please note that the transcript is quite lengthy, and this summary covers the key points of the discussion.


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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