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Here's a handy tool to generate a custom colour scheme for your Joomla site.


00:00 Introduction: Overview of the video on using a tool to generate color schemes for Joomla sites.

00:27 Channel Overview: Introduction to the Basic Joomla Tutorials channel and services by Tim Davis.

00:56 Shoutout to Tool Creator: Acknowledgment of Elise Folte for creating the color scheme tool.

01:12 Accessing the Tool: Introduction to the tool located at

01:31 Using the Tool: Demonstration of how to use the tool to generate color schemes.

01:50 Customizing Colors: Instructions on how to customize individual colors within the generated scheme.

02:02 Saving and Downloading CSS: Steps to save and download the generated user.css file.

02:52 Editing CSS File: How to open and edit the downloaded CSS file in a text editor.

03:25 Applying CSS to Joomla: Instructions on how to apply the custom CSS to a Joomla 5 site.

03:30 Switching to Light Mode: Switching from dark mode to light mode in the Joomla admin area.

04:01 Creating user.css File: Steps to create and save the user.css file in the Joomla template folder.

04:26 Pasting and Saving CSS: Pasting the copied CSS into the new user.css file and saving it.

04:35 Refreshing the Site: Refreshing the site to see the applied color scheme.

04:56 Conclusion: Final thoughts, thanks to Elise for the tool, and encouragement to subscribe for more tutorials.


Introduction: Tim Davis introduces a tool for generating color schemes for Joomla sites, especially useful for those short on time or struggling with color selection.

Channel Overview: Basic Joomla Tutorials offers tools and extensions for building and maintaining Joomla sites, including services for site maintenance and migration.

Shoutout to Tool Creator: Acknowledgment of Elise Folte for developing the color scheme tool, with a personal anecdote about meeting her.

Accessing the Tool: The tool is available at and can be used to generate random color schemes.

Using the Tool:

Users can click "Generate something colorful" to get different color combinations.

Options for generating less saturated or more serious color schemes are available.

Customizing Colors: Users can click on individual colors to adjust them manually if needed.

Saving and Downloading CSS:

Once satisfied with the color scheme, users can save and download the user.css file.

This file contains CSS styles for different parts of the site with notes for each color.

Editing CSS File: Open the downloaded CSS file in any text editor, such as Notepad, to view and copy the styles.

Applying CSS to Joomla:

Log in to the Joomla backend and navigate to System > Site Templates.

In the Cipia template, create a new file named user.css in the CSS folder.

Creating user.css File:

Highlight the CSS folder, create the user.css file, and paste the copied CSS into it.

Save the file and refresh the Joomla site to apply the new color scheme.

This structure ensures that users can follow along easily with the video, providing clear, step-by-step instructions to generate and apply custom color schemes to their Joomla sites.

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