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Softaculous is a great tool for creating staging sites for your live Joomla site when it is strictly core AND also when you have custom folders or files in the root folder.


00:00 Introduction

Tim Davis introduces the topic of rescinding his previous alert about using Softaculous for making Joomla site staging copies.

00:34 Sponsor Message:

Introduction of the video sponsor and their Joomla site audit tools.

01:02 Review of Previous Alert

Tim revisits his previous alert about Softaculous and its limitations regarding non-core files and folders.

01:37 Softaculous Reaches Out

Softaculous contacted Tim to clarify settings for including additional files and folders in staging copies.

02:11 Accessing Joomla Site in cPanel

Demonstrating access to a basic Joomla 4 site through cPanel's file manager.

02:46 Adding Custom Files

Manually adding a custom file (hey-you.css) to the Joomla site's root directory.

03:13 Using Softaculous for Staging

Accessing Softaculous through cPanel and preparing to create a staging copy.

03:49 Default Setup of Softaculous Staging

Explaining Softaculous' default behavior of only including core files and folders in the staging copy.

04:26 Editing Staging Details

Showing how to edit Softaculous settings to include additional files and folders for the staging copy.

04:56 Selecting Additional Files

Selecting non-core files (focalcard attachment, hey-you.css, .htaccess, etc.) to include in the staging copy.

05:26 Excluding Unnecessary Files

Tim mentions the option to exclude certain files if they are not needed in the staging environment.

06:09 Creating Subdomain for Staging

Setting up a subdomain ( in cPanel to host the staging site.

06:42 Initiating Staging Site Creation

Specifying details for the staging site creation in Softaculous, including database setup.

07:22 Completion of Staging Copy

Verifying the successful creation of the staging site ( and its functionality.

07:53 Using Staging for Testing

Emphasizing the benefits of using a staging site for testing changes and updates before applying them to the live site.

08:25 Conclusion and Acknowledgment

Acknowledging Softaculous for their clarification and reaffirming the usefulness of Softaculous for Joomla staging.

08:52 Call to Action

Encouraging viewers to subscribe for future updates and like the video to help others find useful Joomla tips.




Introduction: Introducing the video topic of using Softaculous for Joomla site staging.

Sponsor Message: Highlighting and their Joomla site audit tools.

Review of Previous Alert: Discussing the earlier alert about Softaculous limitations.

Softaculous Reaches Out: Softaculous contacted Tim about settings clarification.

Accessing Joomla Site: Demonstrating access through cPanel's file manager.

Adding Custom Files: Manually adding a custom file (hey-you.css) to Joomla's root.

Using Softaculous for Staging: Accessing Softaculous and preparing to create a staging copy.

Default Setup of Softaculous Staging: Explaining default behavior and limitations.

Editing Staging Details: Showing how to include additional files in the staging copy.

Creating Subdomain: Setting up a subdomain for hosting the staging site.

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