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Softaculous is a great tool for creating staging sites for your live Joomla site when it is strictly core AND also when you have custom folders or files in the root folder.


 - Tim Davis rescinds his previous alert about making a staging copy of Joomla sites with Softaculous.
- Tim introduces Maintenance Monday #221 on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
- He promotes as the channel sponsor, offering a free site and Joomla management tools.
- Softaculous is a popular tool in cPanel for making a staging copy of Joomla sites.
- Softaculous contacted Tim to show him how to adjust settings for including uncommon or non-core folders/files during the staging copy process.
- Tim demonstrates how to create a staging copy using Softaculous, selecting additional files/folders to include in the copy.
- He creates a subdomain for the staging site before initiating the copy.
- A staging copy is useful for testing changes and updates before implementing them on the live site.
- Tim corrects his previous advice and clarifies that Softaculous can handle additional folders/files if selected properly.
- He thanks Softaculous for their input and mentions the possibility of exploring other staging site tools in the future.
- Tim encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel and ring the bell for notifications of new content.

Monday Maintenance 221


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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