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Just the mention of Joomla 5 has been scaring people and making them wonder if it will break Joomla 4 when it is released some day. In this video we hear the big points about whether or not we have anything to fear.


 - Joomla 5 is being discussed, causing concern for some users.
- The release of Joomla 5 is expected in October 2023.
- Joomla 5 will not include breaking changes for templates and third-party extensions.
- Code marked as deprecated in Joomla 4 will not be removed in Joomla 5.
- Joomla 5 will require a minimum PHP version of PHP 8.1.
- Components that work in Joomla 4 should also work in Joomla 5, as long as they support PHP 8.1.
- Joomla 5 is not expected to be a big, painful update like previous releases.
- Minor releases will follow a six-month schedule, shifting to the months of April and October starting with the 4.3 release in April 2023.

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