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In this Watch Me Work live stream I customize a Joomla template and then swap it as the new default template on a live site. **Please note** I was not allowed solid foods on the day this was recorded, so I am bit dumber than usual!


- The video is titled "Swapping Templates on a Live Joomla Site - 👀 Watch Me Work 065 - YouTube."
- The video features Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, working on a live Joomla website.
- Tim mentions that he doesn't create development sites but prefers working directly on the live server.
- He's switching the website's template from one theme to another (Rocket theme to Asteroid theme).
- Tim discusses the advantages of working directly on the live site, especially when dealing with sites that have shopping carts or user interaction.
- He introduces the website he's working on, a basic site for his friend Harold McNab.
- Tim begins the process by creating a new menu item with the alias "new template."
- He then creates a new article with the same title and sets it to "no index, no follow" to avoid search engine indexing.
- He assigns the new template article to a menu item.
- Tim downloads the new template (JD Seattle) and installs it on the site.
- He assigns the new template to the "new template" menu item.
- Tim starts customizing the new template by turning off unwanted features, such as contact information, logos, and the side menu.
- He encounters an issue with the side menu and plans to contact Chayton, the owner of JoomDev, to resolve it.

Note: The transcript is quite lengthy and appears to be a partial script of a video tutorial, making it challenging to provide a concise summary with bullet points.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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