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A new feature in Chrome's element inspector is a real time saver when changing the color in your Joomla site's CSS. You can now quick select colors that are already on your site. It saves you having to memorize your color hex or RGB codes and constantly have to type them in.




- Video tutorial about using Element Inspector to choose colors on a Joomla website's CSS.
- Hosted on YouTube, titled "Use Element Inspector to Choose Colours Already on Your Joomla Site - 🛠 MM Live Stream #151 - YouTube."
- Presenter is Tim Davis, addressing Joomla fans.
- The video shows how to change website colors quickly without remembering hex codes or RGB.
- Sponsored by, offering site audit and management tools.
- Presenter demonstrates using Element Inspector:
- Explains using F12 or right-click to open Element Inspector.
- Demonstrates finding and changing specific colors in CSS, focusing on heading colors.
- Introduces the concept of selecting colors already present on the page using a tool.
- Shows how to access the page colors section to choose from a variety of colors.
- Presenter encounters some issues with the process but highlights the benefits of the tool.
- Suggests setting a class to links for more control over colors.
- Mentions using separate CSS files for custom styling across multiple templates.
- Discusses the idea of using Inspector's source option for more extensive CSS editing.
- Addresses viewer comments and suggestions during the tutorial.

Note: This transcript appears to be a detailed discussion of the video's content and interactions, including instructions, explanations, and troubleshooting.

Monday Maintenance 151


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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