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If you've bought a Joomla template that still needs some basic changes to fit the general style you prefer, consider doing a CSS reset on it from the beginning.



- Video tutorial on how to reset CSS on Joomla templates.
- Targeted towards Joomla users who want to make changes to a template.
- Presenter: Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast.
- Mention of buying templates and wanting to reset certain styles.
- Introduction of a trick to reset CSS quickly.
- Sponsorship message by for Joomla site management.
- Reference to an article by Andy Bell about modern CSS reset.
- Explanation of the purpose of the CSS reset to overcome browser incompatibility.
- Demonstration of copying and pasting the CSS reset code into a Joomla site.
- Usage of the Asteroid framework template with a custom code section for CSS.
- Comparison of a sample blog page with and without the CSS reset.
- Visual demonstration of changes in padding and spacing on the page.
- Emphasis on using the CSS reset as a starting point for customization.
- Mention of using browser dev tools (Chrome DevTools) for further CSS adjustments.
- Suggestion to save the CSS reset for future use in other projects.
- Tip on creating a customized Joomla installation for efficient project setup.
- Encouragement to subscribe to the channel and receive notifications.
- Conclusion with well wishes for Joomla site management.
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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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