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IMPORTANT NOTE: During this live stream I encountered an issue that prevented the template applied to the article from displaying.

The steps outlined at the beginning of the video will work just fine for you if you are not using sh404SEF on your site. If you are, delete all the the SEFurls and duplicates for the page you are assigning the template to and you should be good to go! Not all template frameworks for Joomla will allow you to assign a template to individual articles using Advanced Template Manager from Regular Labs.

However, there is a way around this using hidden menu items. How to assign Joomla templates to individual articles through the use of hidden menu items is what today's Maintenance Monday live stream is all about.




- Video tutorial about assigning a Joomla template to a single article.
- Presenter: Tim Davis
- Video part of "Maintenance Money Live Stream" series on Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel (#103).
- Discussion about assigning Joomla templates to various elements.
- Mention of Advanced Template Manager by Regular Labs as the best method for assigning templates.
- Not all template frameworks work with Advanced Template Manager (e.g., Gantry, Asteroid).
- Introduction of a workaround for assigning templates to articles.
- Demonstration of creating a hidden menu item for an article.
- Mention of previous tutorials about hidden menus and organization.
- Explanation of the problem with template assignment due to existing category/template conflicts.
- Discussion about using sh404sef extension causing issues with template assignment.
- Resolution of the issue by resolving URL conflicts caused by sh404sef.
- Mention of Joomla's unofficial mascot "Jarboe."
- Reference to a discussion in the Joomla community about the mascot.
- Article author: Gwen Watt Rogers.

Please note that the transcript provided contains a lot of tangential details and technical troubleshooting, so the bullet points might not fully capture the entire content of the transcript.

Monday Maintenance 103


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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