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With in the category manager of Joomla there is a way to quickly view a list of Joomla articles filtered by category and status! How to take advantage of this time saver is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.





  • Video is about quick filtering of articles in Category Manager using Joomla
    - Host: Tim Davis
    - Live Stream: Maintenance Monday #123 on YouTube
    - Tim demonstrates how to filter articles by status and category
    - Starts with a welcome to Joomla fans
    - Refers to previous use of a shortcut by Mark Teixeira
    - Demonstrates filtering articles by category and status
    - Shows how to view categories and their article counts
    - Talks about a single trashed article and its category
    - Emphasizes quick navigation to filtered articles
    - Mentions finding empty categories for cleanup
    - Discusses upcoming Joomla event in Spain (Focus on the Future Forum)
    - Plans to share insights from the event upon return
    - Mentions ordering a gimbal for stable video recording
    - Audience interaction and discussions with viewers
    - Tim's upcoming travel plans and flight connections
    - Sharing personal thoughts and anticipations about the trip
    - Invites audience to email their thoughts on Joomla's future topics
    - Asks about cryptocurrency usage, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin ATMs
    - Tim's challenges with managing new tasks and focus
    - Comments from viewers about Bitcoin and verification status

Monday Maintenance 123


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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