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It's a pain to keep updating Joomla sites and extensions when PHP version keep changing, so why does Joomla bother to keep up with the latest version of PHP?



00:00 Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the topic of why Joomla keeps up with the latest PHP versions.

00:30 Channel Overview: Introduction to the Basic Joomla Tutorials channel and the services offered.

00:56 Importance of Speed: Discussion on the significance of speed for website performance.

01:28 Joomla Benchmark Results: Comparison of Joomla performance on different PHP versions.

02:15 Comparison with WordPress: Comparison of Joomla and WordPress performance on PHP 8.3.

02:42 Conclusion: Encouragement to subscribe for more tutorials and resources.


Introduction to PHP Compatibility: Tim discusses the importance of Joomla staying updated with the latest PHP versions.

Channel Overview: Basic Joomla Tutorials offers guidance on Joomla site maintenance and development.

Importance of Speed: Speed is crucial for website performance and user experience.

Benchmark Results: Joomla's performance on PHP 8.3 shows significant improvement compared to older versions.

Comparison with WordPress: Joomla outperforms WordPress on PHP 8.3 in terms of requests per second.

Benefits of PHP Updates: Staying updated with the latest PHP version ensures that Joomla users can leverage its benefits.

Encouragement to Update: Tim encourages Joomla users to update their PHP version for improved performance.

Acknowledgment of Comparison: Highlighting Joomla's performance superiority over WordPress on certain PHP versions.

Encouragement to Subscribe: Tim encourages viewers to subscribe for more Joomla tutorials and resources.

Conclusion: Closing remarks and encouragement for Joomla users to prioritize speed and performance.

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