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Are you tired of some of your editor buttons being "hidden" every time you save a Joomla article? In this video I will show you a setting in tinyMCE that will solve that time waster!

 - The video is about fixing an issue with hidden editor buttons in Joomla articles.
- Presenter is Tim Davis, who runs the "Basic Joomla Tutorials" YouTube channel.
- The issue is with the default TinyMCE editor in Joomla, which hides buttons every time an article is saved.
- Presenter suggests a fix for this issue.
- To fix the problem, go to "System" > "Plugins" and find the "TinyMCE Editor" plugin.
- Look for the "Toolbar Mode" setting and change it to "Wrap."
- After the change, all buttons will be visible and wrap properly, even when the article box is resized.
- This way, the buttons won't be hidden after each save, and users won't need to keep opening them.
- The video is sponsored by, offering a free Joomla site analysis and a coupon code for subscribers.
- Presenter encourages viewers to subscribe, like, and ring the bell for notifications on the channel.


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