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Here are some tools in phpMyAdmin that may help you fix a broken Joomla Database.



- The video is about using phpMyAdmin tools to fix a broken Joomla database.
- The host mentions that someone in the Joomla Facebook group had a problem with their administration login page due to a crashed table called "session."
- He advises using phpMyAdmin to repair the database and possibly empty the sessions table.
- He emphasizes the importance of backing up the database before making any changes.
- The host shows how to access phpMyAdmin through cPanel and select the appropriate database.
- He demonstrates exporting the database to create a backup.
- He searches for and finds the "session" table and suggests running the "repair table" operation.
- If the repair doesn't work, he suggests using the "empty" option to remove rows causing issues.
- He warns against using the "drop" option as it will delete the entire table and cause data loss.
- After performing the repair or empty operation, he recommends testing the Joomla login to check if the issue is resolved.

Note: The transcript includes some casual speech and additional commentary from the host, which might not be relevant to the main points of the tutorial.

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