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Sometimes you want a tinier mobile menu for your Joomla site because your main menu is just too big and hard to manage on smaller devices. In this video we look at what is involved in having a different, smaller menu appear on mobile devices.


  • The video is about creating a smaller mobile menu for Joomla websites.
    - The presenter introduces himself as Tim Davis.
    - He mentions that sometimes the website menu is too long and unwieldy on mobile devices.
    - Tim talks about creating a different menu specifically for mobile devices.
    - He briefly discusses using a tool to switch between desktop and mobile views for website testing.
    - Tim mentions the sponsor of the video, "," and offers a coupon code for viewers.
    - He showcases a website called "" with a large menu that needs improvement for mobile devices.
    - Tim discusses the process of creating a new mobile menu in the Joomla backend.
    - He encounters some issues with menu aliases but eventually manages to create a mobile menu.
    - Tim demonstrates how to assign the mobile menu to a mobile device using the Asteroid template.
    - He talks about creating a link for the "Entertainment" category to simplify the mobile menu.
    - Tim demonstrates the improved mobile menu, which now includes "Home" and "Entertainment" links.
    - He shows that clicking on "Entertainment" provides a list of categories for easier navigation.
    - Tim acknowledges the need for formatting and improvements on the website.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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