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The location of the file you place your custom css in for Cassiopeia, the default Joomla 4 template, has changed with the release of Joomla 4.1. In this video we see where that location is and how to create the required user.css file.




  • Joomla 4.1 has changed the location for custom CSS in the default template Cassiopeia.
    - Previously, the CSS file used to go into a "css" folder in the templates directory, but now it goes into "media/templates/site/cassiopeia."
    - To create the custom CSS file, navigate to the backend of a Joomla 4 website, go to System > Site Templates > Cassiopeia Details and Files.
    - Create a new file called "user.css" by clicking on "New File," but note that after clicking, you have to click again to create it within the "css" folder.
    - Edit the "user.css" file and customize the CSS as desired.
    - After making changes, save the file, and the custom CSS will take effect on the front end of the website.
    - The example in the video shows how to change the size of heading two (h2) using custom CSS.
    - The new custom CSS location is "media/templates/site/cassiopeia" instead of the old "templates/css" location.
    - The video is part of the "Maintenance Monday" series on the "Basic Joomla Tutorials" YouTube channel, presented by Tim Davis.
    - The video is sponsored by "," offering a free site audit for Joomla sites and a coupon code for a free first month of subscription.
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Monday Maintenance 222


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