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It's important that your website be accessible to people with visual impairments so test your Joomla site colors with APCA: Advanced Perceptual Contrast Algorithm. You can use this experimental tool by turning it on in Chrome Devtools.





  • Video demonstrates using APCA (Advanced Perceptual Contrast Algorithm) to test Joomla website colors for accessibility.
    - APCA checks color contrast and font size for better visibility by people with visual impairments.
    - Host explains how to enable APCA in Google Chrome Dev Tools.
    - APCA replaces previous contrast ratio guidelines (AA and AAA).
    - APCA provides a contrast score (55) and helps identify compatible colors with proper contrast.
    - Tool simplifies accessibility testing, ensuring better color visibility for all users.
    - Sponsored by, offers free Joomla site audit and management tools.
    - Links provided for more information on APCA and web content accessibility guidelines.
    - Viewers encouraged to subscribe for updates and notifications.

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