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The URLS on your Joomla site should begin with WWW or not - but not a mixture of both. Otherwise you run the risk of both versions of your url being viewed by search engines as separate web pages and duplicate content.

This can affect your Joomla site's SEO. How to enforce WWW urls (or not) on your Joomla site is what is the topic of today's Maintenance Monday live stream.


- Video title: "(1) Enforce WWW Urls on Your Joomla Site - or not! 🛠 Maintenance Monday Live Stream #085 - YouTube"
- Host: Tim Davis
- Maintenance Monday #85 in Basic Joomla Tutorials channel
- Tim Davis demonstrates how to enforce WWW URLs on a Joomla site or not, for SEO purposes.
- Using htaccess file for URL rewriting:
- Adding code to htaccess file to force WWW URLs.
- Explains potential duplicate content issues with search engines.
- Demonstrates accessing file manager in cPanel to edit htaccess file.
- Shows code for enforcing WWW URLs and explanation of regex.
- Explains how the code rewrites URLs to add or remove WWW.
- Discusses using sh404SEF component for URL management.
- Explains 301 redirects and their effect on search engines.
- Shows how to enforce or not enforce WWW URLs using sh404SEF.
- Mentions upcoming changes in watch me work live streams to move from Twitch to YouTube.
- Talks about Amazon potentially launching a YouTube competitor.
- Discusses volatility in YouTube due to content-related issues.
- Mention of upcoming live stream on Wednesday working on a client's Joomla site migration from WordPress.
- Conversion process from WordPress to Joomla.
- Explains challenges with handling downloadable files linked to graphics in articles.
 Monday Maintenance 085


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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