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In this video we played Joomla Extension Roulette for the first time. What's that? We randomly picked some numbers and allowed them to navigate us randomly through the Joomla Extension Directory and then we tried some free extensions. Watch along or play this in the background while you work and have some fun!


  • The video is titled "Joomla Extension Roulette #01 - 👀 Watch Me Work 085 - YouTube."
    - The video features Tim Davis, a Joomla fan, discussing a game he calls "Joomla Extension Roulette."
    - Tim mentions a lack of a thumbnail for the livestream but promotes a site audit service by with a coupon code.
    - "Joomla Extension Roulette" is a game where random numbers are used to navigate the Joomla extension directory and explore extensions.
    - Tim asks for chat participants to provide random numbers for section, category, and extension selection.
    - They select a section, category, and extension using viewers' suggested numbers and explore a free extension called "Simple Pay."
    - Tim downloads and installs the extension, demonstrates its features, and encounters a language file issue.
    - Afterward, they discuss the next extension selection, followed by the process of choosing section, category, and extension with more random numbers.
    - They choose another extension called "JLSitemap" and explore its features.
    - The video is part of a series where Tim explores Joomla extensions and provides information and demonstrations on their usage.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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