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Having upgraded to ACYMailing V6 (from V5) my 1,000+ newsletter archive has a bunch of tags that appear raw instead of being replaced with things like "unsubscribe links", "share on Facebook" etc. In this video I work at finding those and replacing them.

One of my go-to tools for this kind of work is DB Replacer from Regular Labs ►

 - The video is about updating a newsletter archive from ACYMailing 5 to ACYMailing 6.
- The speaker talks about issues with codes in the new archive, specifically related to Facebook links.
- The video is part of a series called "Watch Me Work" on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
- The speaker promotes for managing Joomla and WordPress sites.
- The speaker mentions using the DB Replacer tool from Regular Labs for finding things in the Joomla database.
- Emphasis on the importance of backing up the site or database before making changes.
- The speaker demonstrates finding and replacing code in the Joomla database.
- The primary task in the video is to replace broken image links with a new image divider.
- The speaker provides alternatives for find and replace actions, like replacing the whole line or just the file name.
- There is a brief mention of using Akeeba Backup to back up the database.
- The video involves detailed technical steps and is likely targeted at Joomla website administrators.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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