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Hidden menu items may keep the menu on the front end of your Joomla site tidy, but in the menu admin area they can be a real source of clutter. However, there is an easy way to organize them and keep them almost hidden in the back end as well.

How to organize hidden menu items in Joomla published menu items is what today's Maintenance Monday live stream is all about. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ►



  • Video about organizing hidden menu items in Joomla
    - Presented by Tim Davis on the "Basic Joomla Tutorials" YouTube channel
    - Introduction and greetings to viewers
    - Mention of the purpose of the video
    - Reminders about giveaways, newsletter subscription, and technical issues on the website
    - Mention of Jim Cast and an interview with Adam Melchor
    - Information about Joomla merchandise and links
    - Recap of the previous video's topic: creating hidden menu items
    - Explanation that having many hidden menu items can clutter the backend
    - Demonstration of how to organize hidden menu items
    - Steps: Create a new menu named "hidden" but not named as the menu type "hidden"
    - Explanation of the purpose of the new menu
    - Saving the new menu and observing the name change
    - Instructions for batch-moving existing menu items to the new menu
    - Effect of the organization on the main menu
    - Discussion on the advantages of hidden menus
    - Addressing audience questions and comments
    - Example uses of hidden menus
    - Mention of upcoming topics and video plans
    - Viewer interaction and discussion about reasons for hidden menus and custom URLs
    - Conclusion and encouragement for viewers to subscribe and engage with the channel

Monday Maintenance 102


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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