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In this video we see how to add a contact form to your Joomla site. We'll be using my favourite form extension: Convert Forms from Tassos



Here is a summary of the transcript:

- The video discusses adding a contact form to a Joomla website using the Convert Forms extension.
- The presenter mentions that he is a Joomla fan and shares information about his YouTube channel.
- The video is sponsored by, and a coupon code is provided for a free month.
- The presenter starts by explaining the need for a contact form and proceeds to install the Convert Forms extension.
- He demonstrates how to create a new form, customize its fields, and arrange them as needed.
- Instructions for setting up email notifications for form submissions are provided.
- The presenter shows how to embed the form on the front end of a Joomla website by adding it to an article.
- He also briefly discusses changing the appearance of the form and its text.
- The presenter creates a new form using an existing template and demonstrates how to modify it.
- He explores options for changing the background color, adding images, and customizing text within the form.

Please note that this summary includes some repetitive and non-essential information from the transcript for brevity.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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