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In this video we'll see how to display a Joomla module inside of a Joomla Component. It's a great trick for displaying calls to action, advertising, and pretty much anything else you normally would display in a module position.



  • The video is about embedding or displaying a module inside a component on a Joomla site.
    - The presenter mentions a previous attempt to demonstrate this but had issues with a broken site.
    - There are reasons for wanting to display a module within a component, such as providing information within a component or displaying content alongside lists of items.
    - The presenter uses a Regular Labs extension called "re replacer" to find and replace specific code within the component's output.
    - They show how to set up "re replacer" using regular expressions.
    - The regular expression used is designed to find a specific code pattern (TR class equals catless row zero) and replace it with a module position code.
    - A module position named "cat list mod display" is created within the Joomla site.
    - The video ends with the presenter encountering an issue with the module position code but ultimately resolving it.

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