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In this video we check out the Subform Custom Field for Joomla 4. It is a new and improved replacement for the repeatable field of Joomla 3.


  • The video discusses the "Subform Custom Field" in Joomla 4.
    - The video is part of the "WMW 176" series on YouTube.
    - The speaker, Tim Davis, is a Joomla enthusiast and offers Joomla-related tips and tutorials.
    - Tim also mentions his website, "," for Joomla site auditing and management tools.
    - He interacts with viewers in the live chat.
    - Tim explains the concept of custom fields in Joomla, which allow users to add their own fields to articles.
    - He introduces the new "Subform" field type in Joomla 4.
    - Tim demonstrates how to create a "Vehicle Specs" field group and add custom fields like "Make of Vehicle" and "Styles."
    - He uses the Subform field to allow users to input multiple styles for a vehicle.
    - Tim shows how to modify field display options and labels.
    - He discusses the possibility of creating custom layout overrides.
    - Tim mentions the idea of setting up a subform for family information in the context of user profiles.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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