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Grouping tabs in Chrome browser is a great way to prevent becoming overwhelmed by having too many tabs open when working on your Joomla site. In this video we check out some of the options and features available that will save you time and money managing the tabs on your screen.





- Speaker introduces the problem of having too many tabs open while working on a Joomla site in Chrome browser.
- A new feature in Chrome is presented that allows grouping tabs for better tab management.
- The video is sponsored by, offering site audit and management tools for Joomla sites.
- The speaker demonstrates how to create tab groups by right-clicking on a tab and adding it to a new group with a name and color.
- Tabs are added to groups by right-clicking and selecting "add tab to new group" or by dragging and dropping them onto the group label.
- The speaker showcases creating tab groups named "Joomla" and "News," using colors like blue and purple.
- Groups can be collapsed, making tab management easier by hiding tabs within a group.
- The speaker demonstrates moving a tab group to a new window for better organization.
- Drag-and-drop method is shown for moving a tab group back into the main browser window.
- The feature is praised for streamlining tab management and saving time when working on Joomla sites or other projects.
- Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel, get notifications, and watch related videos.

(Note: The transcript includes detailed steps and explanations. The summarized bullet points capture the main points of the video.)

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