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After last week's live stream on Hotlink Protection being a great way to keep other sites from displaying or using your files, in this live stream we rethink the use of Hotlink Protection because of it's interference with Open Graph images on social media. A big shout out to Vinny Hebert for thinking of this important point.

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Be sure to watch for a fun way you can turn the tables and display a specific image of your own on someone else's website who is stealing from you. How to turn on and use hotlink protection is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about. That's what this Maintenance Monday is all about.




- The video discusses rethinking hotlink protection for Joomla websites.
- The host, Tim Davis, celebrates his 54th birthday and mentions construction noise.
- Hotlink protection prevents direct image use from a website's hosting.
- It's applied through cPanel hosting or other control panels.
- Open Graph images may not show up with hotlink protection on.
- Open Graph images are important for social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
- Hotlink protection prevents external websites from using your bandwidth.
- Complex process to allow specific sites access while blocking others.
- An example of modifying the .htaccess file to control access is given.
- Blocking specific sites can prevent bandwidth theft.
- .htaccess file editing should be done carefully to avoid errors.
- Fun prank involves renaming copied images/files to deter theft.
- Different approaches like CloudFlare's hotlink protection are mentioned.
- Experimenting with allowing specific social media sites is complex.
- Overcomplicated to account for all possible URL variations.
- Monitoring bandwidth theft through site statistics is suggested.

Monday Maintenance 114


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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