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If you are looking for a file format that will make the images look the best with the smallest file size on your Joomla site, AVIF is the format you are looking for. In this video we check out the site, a handy tool for converting your images to AVIF format.



  • Tutorial on using Squoosh App to compress Joomla images to AVIF format.
    - Discussion about different aspects of image compression for websites.
    - Mention of previous videos on image optimization.
    - Discussion about issues with media library and introduction of new compression format.
    - Mention of sponsor and coupon code for a product.
    - Explanation of AVIF format and its benefits.
    - Steps to use Squoosh App for image compression.
    - Demonstration of image compression using the app.
    - Tips on resizing and optimizing images for websites.
    - Mention of responsiveness and online media working with compressed images.
    - Call to action for viewers to subscribe and engage with the content.
    - References to other videos and upcoming content.
    - Closing remarks and invitation to stay tuned for more videos.

Monday Maintenance 190


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