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In this video we see how to make a copy of your Joomla Site for testing purposes. There are three methods shown in this video. The third one is the fastest and simplest, but depends on access to a tool your web hosting company may not include in your account.



Here is a summary of the provided transcript in bullet points:

- The video is about making a copy of a Joomla website for testing purposes.
- There are two methods discussed for making the copy.
- The video is part of a live stream (WMW 149) on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
- The video is sponsored by, offering site audit and management tools for Joomla and other sites.
- The host discusses a new camera setup that allows viewers to see him better.
- He mentions working on a new template for the Basic Joomla site.
- The host emphasizes the importance of having backups before making any changes.
- The first step is to create a subdomain for the test copy on the hosting.
- Files from the live Joomla site are copied to the subdomain using the file manager.
- The host demonstrates how to select and copy files using the file manager.
- Creating a new database and user for the test copy is necessary to avoid affecting the live site.
- The host generates a password and copies the necessary database information.
- Configuration.php file in the test copy is edited to use the new database information.
- The host explains that the error on the test copy site is because the database is empty.
- phpMyAdmin is used to export the database from the live site and import it into the test copy.
- The host shows how to export the database and save it in a folder.
- The imported database is chosen for the test copy database.
- The host imports the database file into the test copy database.

Please note that the provided transcript is quite lengthy, and the summary includes the main points discussed in the text.

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