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It's your site so make it look unique - including the background of the login screen for your back-end administrator login! This is a great idea if you make websites for others to use and want them to regularly see your company's branding.

How to change the background of your administrator login is what this Maintenance Monday live stream is about.




  • Video demonstrates changing the background for Joomla admin login.
    - Hosted on YouTube, titled "Change the Background for your Joomla Site Admin Login 🛠 Maintenance Monday Live Stream #096"
    - Hosted by Tim Davis on the "Basic Joomla tutorials" YouTube channel.
    - It's a "Maintenance Monday" episode #096.
    - Tim Davis is a Joomla fan and welcomes viewers.
    - The tip comes from a live stream chat with Johann Peters.
    - Changing the login background is useful for personalizing the admin login page.
    - Tim demonstrates the process on his Basic Joomla website.
    - He uploads an image for the background in the Media Manager.
    - Demonstrates navigating to the Administrator Templates in Joomla.
    - Explains creating a custom CSS file named "custom.css" for the background changes.
    - Walks through CSS code insertion for setting the background image.
    - Shows how to set background image positioning and prevent tiling.
    - Discusses upcoming events, contests, and channel updates.
    - Informs about changes in background color using CSS hex codes.
    - Demonstrates inspecting colors on a webpage using developer tools.
    - Explains how to locate and change the background color hex code.
    - Talks about the absence of Watch Me Work Wednesday due to personal plans.
    - Announces a special Watch Me Work livestream with a guest from France.
    - Concludes the video with greetings and audience interaction.

Monday Maintenance 096


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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