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It's super, super, super important that you make sure you have control over the domain of your Joomla site.



00:00 Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the importance of controlling your Joomla website's domain.

00:32 Importance of Domain Control: Explanation of why it is crucial to have control over your domain and potential issues if you don't.

01:06 Common Issues with Domain Ownership: Examples of how people can lose control over their domains, such as third-party registration.

02:10 Urgency of Addressing Domain Ownership: Emphasis on the need to resolve domain ownership issues before they become problematic.

02:40 Using to Check Domain Registration: Demonstration of using to find out where your domain is registered.

03:09 Understanding Domain Registration Information: Explanation of WHOIS search results, including registrar and name servers.

04:09 Common Registrars and Resellers: Discussion on common registrars like Tucows Domains and how web hosting companies may act as resellers.

05:20 Verifying Ownership Information: Importance of ensuring that the domain registration information is accurate and in your name.

05:57 Importance of Using an External Email: Advice on using an email address different from the domain to ensure you can receive important information.

07:08 Examples of Different Registrars: Tim provides examples of various registrars and how to log into their systems.

08:18 Conclusion: Tim reiterates the importance of being the master of your domain and ensuring all details are up to date.




Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the topic of ensuring control over your Joomla website's domain.

Domain Control Importance: Having control over your domain is essential for maintaining your website, changing name servers, and renewing the domain.

Common Issues: Problems can arise if someone else, like a third-party developer, registered the domain, making it hard to access or update.

Resolve Ownership Urgently: It's crucial to sort out domain ownership issues before they lead to significant problems or site downtime.

Using is a helpful tool to check the registration details of your domain and find out where it is registered.

Understanding WHOIS Results: The WHOIS search will show details such as the registrar and name servers, helping you identify where your domain is managed.

Registrars and Resellers: Domains are often registered through resellers of major registrars, which can complicate locating the correct account.

Verifying Information: Ensure the registration information, especially the email and contact details, is accurate and up to date in your name.

External Email for Security: Use an external email address for domain registration to ensure you can receive information even if the domain is inaccessible.

Examples and Logging In: Tim provides examples of different registrars like GoDaddy and Namecheap, demonstrating how to log in and manage domain details.

Tim emphasizes the importance of being proactive in managing your domain to prevent potential issues and ensure smooth operation and control over your Joomla website.

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