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After many years of using Joomla I realized one didn't always have to have some kind of an article on the home page of a website built in Joomla. Recently a viewer contacted me for help on how to accomplish this setup with an older template they were using, so in this episode we're going to look at exactly that.



  • The video is about creating a Joomla home page using only modules, without articles.
    - The presenter is Tim Davis, and the video is part of the "Watch Me Work" series.
    - The video is sponsored by "," offering site audits and site management services.
    - Tim discusses the issue of articles appearing on the home page and how to prevent it.
    - He demonstrates how to set up a home page with only modules in Joomla.
    - Tim shows the process in two different template systems, Asteroid and the default template (Protostar).
    - In Asteroid, he removes the component area in the template to prevent component content from displaying on the home page.
    - In the default template, he duplicates the template and assigns it only to the home page, then removes the component area in the duplicated template.
    - He discusses the option of hiding featured articles with CSS but mentions potential issues.
    - Tim shares a workaround for templates that don't allow easy removal of the component area.
    - He emphasizes the importance of ensuring that featured articles are not accidentally displayed on the home page.


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