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After many years of using Joomla I realized one didn't always have to have some kind of an article on the home page of a website built in Joomla. Recently a viewer contacted me for help on how to accomplish this setup with an older template they were using, so in this episode we're going to look at exactly that.



  • - Title: "How to Create a Module Only Home Page in Joomla - 👀 Watch Me Work 096 - YouTube"
    - The video discusses creating a homepage in Joomla using only modules, excluding articles or other content from the content manager.
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    - The presenter addresses a viewer's issue with having a box appear on the homepage where articles usually are, even with no articles published.
    - The presenter highlights the benefits of using modules for static content or content that automatically updates and formats other elements on the homepage.
    - Demonstrates how to prevent articles from appearing on the homepage in the core template by ensuring there are no featured articles published.
    - Shows how to manage module positions in different template systems, such as the Asteroid framework, and how to disable the component area to avoid displaying components on the homepage.
    - Explores options for handling the display of components in templates, including removing the component area or creating a separate template for the homepage.
    - Acknowledges the possibility of using CSS to hide featured articles but notes potential challenges with this approach.
    - Provides practical tips for managing the display of content on the Joomla homepage and offers insights for users of different template systems.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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