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There is a new setting that allows AutoReadMore (which automatically inserts read mores in your Joomla articles!) to play nicely when ignoring Read Mores already in Joomla articles.

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00:00 Introduction: Last week's look at the plugin and initial issues with existing "Read More" tags.

00:34 Sponsor Message: Promo for My Sites.Guru offering free Joomla site audits.

00:45 Host Introduction: Tim Davis introduces himself and the purpose of Maintenance Monday.

01:05 Plugin Overview: Explanation of the Auto Read More plugin and its ability to insert "Read More" tags based on characters, paragraphs, or words.

01:45 Previous Video Recap: Link to the previous week's video and a summary of its content.

02:15 Issue Demonstration: Showing the problem with pre-existing "Read More" tags in articles.

03:15 Plugin Settings: Navigating to the plugin settings and introducing the "Ignore Existing Read More" option.

04:00 Source Code Explanation: Analyzing the article's source code to explain the paragraph marks issue.

05:00 New Setting Introduction: Introducing the new "Merge Paragraph" setting to handle paragraph marks around "Read More" tags.

06:00 Demonstration of New Setting: Demonstrating how the new setting works and its benefits.

07:00 Community and Developer Interaction: Discussing how user feedback led to plugin improvements and encouraging community involvement.

08:00 Conclusion: Final thoughts, invitation to subscribe, and best wishes for Joomla users.


Introduction: Last week's video introduced a plugin for automatically inserting "Read More" tags in Joomla articles.

Initial Issue: The initial version had an issue with handling pre-existing "Read More" tags in articles.

Sponsor Message: Promo for My Sites.Guru, offering free site audits for Joomla users.

Host Introduction: Tim Davis introduces himself and the Maintenance Monday series, focusing on Joomla extensions and tips.

Plugin Overview: The Auto Read More plugin can insert "Read More" tags based on character, paragraph, or word counts, ensuring consistent placement.

Previous Video Recap: Reference to last week's video, which covered the initial plugin review and its basic settings.

Issue Demonstration: Demonstration of the problem with existing "Read More" tags, which left unwanted paragraph marks in articles.

Plugin Settings: Introduction of a new plugin setting, "Ignore Existing Read More," to handle articles with pre-existing tags.

Source Code Explanation: Explanation of how the source code shows paragraph tags around "Read More" tags, causing formatting issues.

New Setting Introduction: The new "Merge Paragraph" setting addresses the paragraph mark issue, making the plugin work uniformly across all articles.

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