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Have you ever wanted to leave secret notes right in the body of your Joomla articles that you or other site admins could reference right in context, but that other users and search engines could not pick up? Join us as Peter van Westen shows us how to do just that!


 - Video Title: "(2) Hiding Notes In Joomla Articles Using Regular Labs ReReplacer - 👀 Watch Me Work Live Stream 021 - YouTube"
- Presenter: Peter Van Weston
- Overview:
- Demonstrates how to leave and hide notes in Joomla articles using Regular Labs ReReplacer.
- Tim Davis, a Joomla fan, hosts the live stream (Watch Me Work Live Stream 021).
- Ways to approach hiding notes are discussed.
- Tim previously used Conditional Content, but encountered issues with nested hide tags.
- Various methods of hiding notes are demonstrated:
- Using HTML comments but risking exposure in the source code.
- Using PHP comments to avoid exposure in the source code.
- Utilizing Conditional Content's show and hide tags for easy implementation.
- Creating a custom tag with Regular Labs ReReplacer for more control.
- Peter introduces Regular Expressions and explains how to dynamically replace comments using ReReplacer.
- An attendee named Chayton praises Peter's extensions and expresses gratitude.
- Peter demonstrates advanced features of ReReplacer, including conditional replacements based on user groups.
- Chayton appreciates Peter's work and mentions being a loyal user of Regular Labs extensions.
- Peter addresses an attendee's question about new line modifiers in Regular Expressions.
- Peter demonstrates how to refine replacements and make them conditional based on user groups.
- Tim and Peter discuss the flexibility and customization options provided by ReReplacer.
- The live stream involves practical demonstrations and interactions with attendees on Zoom.
- Peter addresses the need for flexibility in leaving comments without typing complex expressions each time.
- The live stream is informative for Joomla users interested in optimizing and customizing their articles.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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