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"Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, two step verification or TFA (as an acronym), is an extra layer of security that is known as "multi factor authentication" that requires not only a password and username but also something that only, and only, that user has on them, i.e. a piece of information only they should know or have immediately to hand - such as a physical token. -

Two Factor Authentication is available for #Joomla using Google Authenticator or YubiKey, but it must be enabled in Joomla for users to take advantage of that. How to enable Two Factor Authentication for Joomla users who want to use one of those 2FA methods when logging in is what today's #maintenancemonday is all about.



- Title: "(1) Enable Two Factor Authentications for Users in Joomla - 🛠 Maintenance Monday Live Stream #047 - YouTube"
- Video host: Tim Davis
- Purpose: Demonstrate how to enable two-factor authentication on Joomla sites.
- Tim Davis mentions being a Joomla fan and apologizes for a slight delay in going live.
- Tim promotes a tutorial on setting up Yubikey for two-factor authentication in a future video.
- Encourages viewers to leave comments, like the video, and subscribe for notifications.
- Tim directs viewers to a Joomla giveaway contest on
- He proceeds to show the two methods for enabling two-factor authentication: Core Joomla and My Joomla tool.
- Demonstrates the process in the backend of, showing the plugins for Google Authenticator and Yubikey.
- Tim emphasizes the importance of two-factor authentication for enhanced security.
- Explains the concept of two-factor authentication, requiring a second factor beyond username and password.
- Tim demonstrates enabling the two-factor authentication plugins in the Joomla backend.
- He briefly discusses the importance of security, likening it to securing rivets on an airplane wing.
- Tim showcases the My Joomla tool on his wife's website, 88 Keys by the Sea, to enable two-factor authentication.
- Encourages regular backups and mentions a link in the description on how to keep backups.
- Tim expresses challenges with clients, particularly regarding domain and email management, and discusses a recent client-related issue.
- Tim thanks viewers, encourages subscriptions, rings the bell for notifications, and signs off with "God bless and enjoy your Joomla sites."
- Tim engages with viewers in the live chat, discusses LastPass, and mentions technical challenges he faced before going live.
- He mentions plans to meet with a client and explains a recent email exchange related to billing.
- Tim expresses excitement about using Twitch for future live streams.
- Viewers share their experiences with two-factor authentication and offer support to Tim for his recent challenges.
- Tim discusses the Yubikey, cold one-time codes, and testing scenarios for two-factor authentication.
- Vinny suggests using LastPass Authenticator, and Tim discusses the potential functionality of LastPass.
- Tim briefly shares Vinnie's recent car accident experience, expressing relief that Vinnie is safe.
- The conversation continues with updates from viewers and discussions about LastPass and two-factor authentication.

Monday Maintenance 047


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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