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Are you making changes to your Joomla site that your visitors and clients don't see because their browser is showing an older cached version? In this video we will see a Joomla module you can install to fix that right away!


 - Title: "Invalidate Browser Cache in Joomla 4 - 🛠 MM #238 - YouTube"
- Presenter: Tim Davis
- Tim offers Joomla site maintenance services.
- To invalidate browser cache in Joomla 4:
- Install a plugin from (link provided in the video description).
- Save the downloaded file to the computer.
- Access Joomla 4 backend and navigate to "System > Install Extensions."
- Upload the downloaded file.
- Switch to "Administrator" view and access "System > Site Modules."
- Find and click on "Invalidate Cache" (may need to sort by ID).
- Publish and assign it to the desired position.
- After publishing, a new button called "Invalidate Cache" will appear.
- Click this button whenever you want visitors to see fresh content instead of cached versions.

 Monday Maintenance 238


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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