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Is it possible someone is displaying your Joomla site on their webpage using iframes and in so doing is furthering their goals at your expense? You can stop/prevent this from happening by using the X-Frame-Options Security Header. How to set that up is the topic of this video.





- The video is part of "Maintenance Monday Live Stream #162" on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
- The focus is on protecting Joomla sites from being displayed in iframes on other websites.
- The speaker, Tim Davis, expresses gratitude for reaching 2,000 subscribers on the channel.
- The video is sponsored by, which offers a free site audit for Joomla and WordPress sites.
- The topic discussed is the use of the X-Frame-Options security header to prevent websites from being displayed in iframes.
- Tim explains the potential risks of having your content displayed on someone else's site through iframes.
- He demonstrates how to add the X-Frame-Options header to the .htaccess file in the web hosting control panel.
- Tim recommends placing the header near the top of the .htaccess file, and he shows the process using cPanel.
- The speaker mentions that his server runs Apache, and he provides the specific header code for Apache.
- The video includes references to,, and other resources for further information.
- Tim emphasizes the importance of adding the security header to maintain control over website content.
- Towards the end, he briefly discusses personal updates, including new reading glasses and business coaching.
- Tim shares insights from the book "Who Moved My Cheese" and talks about the need to explore new opportunities for personal and business growth.

Monday Maintenance 162


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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